Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cloe and Cletus

On Wednesday June 10th, Jen and I went to Lebanon, TN to pick up the newest members of Ecotone. Cloe and Cletus are a six week old brother-sister Great Pyrenees duo. Great Pyrenees are one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, and are said to have developed at roughly the same time human beings began herding in central Eurasia. Once fully grown, these large guardian dogs will remain with the flerd at all times to protect them from predators. Right now, though, they're just the definition of cute. While at first we were hesitant about getting two, we now are confident that we made the right choice. Not only do they have one another to play with and keep each other company, but apparently males and females have distinctive guardian practices that, once you think about it, makes both sense and a difference. Especially at night, males roam the perimeter while females tend to remain centrally located. If a predator is detected, both rush to meet the threat directly, usually dispatching the unfortunate critter that ventures too close. And while one of these dogs is typically sufficient for protecting a small flock or herd, a pair is purportedly unstoppable, even capable of dissuading an entire pack of marauding canines. That's the hypothesis at least.

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