Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Harvests

The first real harvest of the season came not from our garden, but from the wild:

Several varieties of blackberry bushes are growing wild all over the pasture, and they've been ripening in waves. A short stroll from the house and a few scratches later, it's easy to collect enough ripe berries to make blackberry liqueur:

These jars have been sitting for a few weeks, with a brew of blackberries + honey + brandy inside. I imagine that the longer I can hold off temptation (to strain & drink) the better it will taste when I finally do.

Of course, the garden is producing also--especially tomatoes and basil. Time to make sauce!

More seasonal gifts from this land came from the plum tree next to our mailbox. The plums are small and have clingy pits inside, but their flavor is exhilarating.

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