Monday, March 22, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs

Pastured Eggs from Ecotone Farm!

Raised with integrity and care, the hens of Ecotone provide naturally healthy, delicious eggs, with deep orange yolks that stand up tall in the pan, and a smooth, rich taste you'll remember. Living outside, eating bugs and grass and grain in the sunshine and the rain, these are happy hens, rotated to fresh pasture every few days, and fed an all-natural, custom-mixed ration free of antibiotics or hormones. Committed to agricultural biodiversity, all of the Ecotone hens are heritage or standard breeds (i.e., not industrial varieties), producing a wide variety of egg colors from white and brown to pink and green. Eggs are collected and washed by hand daily, ensuring the freshest and highest quality product.

Why are these eggs so good?

* 100% Pasture-Raised

* Custom-mixed, all-natural diet

* No antibiotics

* All standard or "heritage" breed hens

* Local: Joelton, TN

Start an account and get our Endless Egg Basket!

Deliveries to Nashville on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Individual dozens are $4 each. Commercial accounts welcome.

Contact C.J. for more information, or to start an account.

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