Monday, May 3, 2010


On April 25th, Christina VanRegenmortar and I installed two beehives here at Ecotone. Our weekends for the month or so previous had been consumed with preparations, especially the construction of all the supers and frames. See, when you order bee equipment through the mail, it arrives as hundreds of little pieces of wood and several bags of nails. "Some assembly required."

But now, with that work behind us and both hives successfully introduced to their new homes, the work of the colony is finally getting underway. The queens have emerged from their candy-gated queen cages (more on this later) and the workers are busily collecting nectar and pollen from so many flowers scattered throughout our pasture and beyond.

Today we checked for brood, but no sign of that yet. Hopefully we will see brood developing over the coming days/ weeks.

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