Sunday, June 6, 2010

Egg Count 6

The May egg count stands at 238 dozen, or 2,856 eggs, which is just under 8 dozen per day. The number of hens in Flock #1 has dropped slightly this month, and the heat seems to have slowed them down. Instead of the hens laying all the eggs before early afternoon, they appear to be breaking up into two groups, one finishing before late morning and the other beginning in the late afternoon. Because Flock #2 has yet to start laying, I don't have any firm numbers on the feed to egg ratio this month. Here are some photos my friend Scott took during his recent visit to Nashville and the farm.


  1. Hi Cj,
    Is this flock #2 the result of your broody hens hatching their own eggs ???????
    All best wishes,

  2. Hey Patrick!

    No, Flock #2 consists of pullets (young female chickens prior to first egg) purchased from several different hatcheries, one of which is local. It has 6 or 7 different "heritage" or standard breeds in it, and will lay white, green, blue, and pinkish eggs.