Friday, February 25, 2011

Egg Count 1

I've finally had a chance to catch up on some accounting, including the January 2011 Egg Count.  During that month the Ecotone hens ate a total of 2,911.78 pounds of feed, or a whopping 93.93 pounds per day.  In exchange, the hens provided you and yours with 5,959 eggs, or some 497 dozen.  This works out to an average of 16.02 dozen per day.  Not bad given the especially cold and snowy month.
In terms of grain, then, for the month of January each dozen eggs from Ecotone took an average of 5.86 pounds of grain, or .49 pounds per egg.  Not only is this figure down from December, when it took 6.90 pounds of grain per dozen eggs, but it's also a significant improvement over last year's annual average of 9.56 pounds of grain per dozen.
Due to the cold, relatively hard winter we've had in middle Tennessee, feed consumption per hen was up to .30 pounds per day, or 9.30 pounds per month.  This figure should go down rapidly as more forages and insects become available in the pasture as spring approaches.  

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