Friday, April 15, 2011

Egg Count 3

The Egg Count for March stands at 416.61 dozen, or 4,999 eggs.  The decline in numbers from February is due to me turning down their winter lights as we're spinning toward the spring sun, following the heliotrope inversely, and with contrary consequences.  At the beginning of the month, however, I also sold roughly 55 hens to local homesteaders as the price of grain continued to rise.
In March the hens of Ecotone ate 1,950 pounds of grain, or 2.03 pounds per hen per day.  This number is abnormally high because of the changing number of hens in the flock, and my inability to track (at this point) two dynamic numbers at once.  Interestingly, during this month the price of grain dropped slightly before again assuming its random upward walk.

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