Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egg Count 4

The egg count for April was 4,678 eggs, or roughly 417 dozen.  While the gross egg count was down from March, the rate of lay per hen was up to 65% because the flock shrank slightly as I sold a few to local homesteader's and backyard poultry enthusiasts.  The daily dozen count was an average of 13 dozen, or 156 eggs a day.  
The hens, however, responded in kind by eating some 500 more pounds of feed than the month before - a jump of almost 3 pounds per hen!  Of course, this could well be an artifact of accounting, as I was also selling quite a bit of "The Homesteader's Grind," my own ration of certified organic chicken feed that I offer for farm pick-up or delivery.  (See the newly updated Grain page above for more details.)

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