Saturday, October 29, 2011

In the news...

I thought I'd post the links to some recent stories about farming, agriculture, and animals in the news:

Here is a story on Polyface Farm's entree into Freedom Ranger broilers, which is the variety we're currently raising at Ecotone.

Here is a NYT editorial from early this week about how to fund small businesses in the recession.

Here is a Freakonomics blog post on the role of "localvore" economics and food safety.  

Here is a NPR Marketplace story on Niman Ranch and the economics of sustainable farming.

Here is an Opinionator blog post by Vanderbilt philosophy professor Kelly Oliver on animals and pets.


  1. The Freakonomics article was horrible - those guys don't seem to know much about farming.

  2. I totally agree. But I thought I'd put it up there for others to see for themselves. "We report, You decide," etc.!

  3. Did you see Bittman's article in the NYT about whether local food was elitist?

    Followed up by: