Monday, July 2, 2012

Green Door Gourmet

Ecotone Farm is proud to partner with Green Door Gourmet, a Tennessee Farm to Fork cooperative of local farmers and artisan producers.  Green Door Gourmet is a unique farm to fork venture that produces local artisan foods and plants in a farm-cooperative community setting.  The aim of the cooperative is to provide a one-stop shop for a whole foods, whole-diet shopping experience. Besides visiting our farm directly, Green Door Gourmet is now the primary place at which you can find and purchase food from Ecotone Farm. 
Sylvia Harrelson Ganier, the farm operator, brings years of farm and restaurant experience as well as a passion for food and education. Her background of growing up on a dairy farm in North Carolina melds with her many years in the restaurant business, including being chef and owner of her former Nashville based establishment, CIBO. Personal attention to both product and patron is the main focus of the high quality experience from Green Door Gourmet.
Green Door Gourmet is located within Hidden Valley Farm on River Road in Nashville, TN, less than 2 miles west of Interstate 40, and less than 10 minutes from downtown Nashville. Our close proximity to places such as Nashville West, Walmart, and Lowes provides ease of access for customers who crave experiencing the best of local fare but still in the city limits.

Hidden Valley Farm also serves as the perfect spot for agri-tourism and special farm events. They have produced events from small picnics to receptions up to a BBQ for 1000!
Green Door Gourmet grows up to 80 varieties of herbs and flowers, and a wide assortment of fresh produce produced using natural methods which follow an organic holistic model. They harvest as close to customer-scheduled pick up as possible in order to maintain the integrity of our product. They do not sell anything that does not pass our own "taste tests."

With a terrific crew helping out on the farm this year, the feeling of community will be one of the first things a customer will note when making a visit.


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