Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jasper's Orchard 2

Every year since its initial planting to commemorate Jasper's birth, I've added to the orchard. This year was the largest addition since 2011. Here's what was added, as well as those earlier unreported:

Flying Dragon Citrus (x4) - 2013
Sweet Lifeberry Gogi (x1)
Big Lifeberry Gogi (x1)
Rosehips (x1) - 2013
Cornelian Cherry (x2)
Bush Cherry (x2)
Goumi (x3)
Pucimol Medlar (x1)
Supermol Medlar (x1)
Regent Juneberry (x2) - 2013
Celeste Fig (x1)
Chicago Hardy Fig (x1)
Taytwo  Pawpaw (x1) - 2013
Pennsylvania Golden PawPaw (x1)
Starking Delicious Plum (x1)
Wilson Delicious Apricot (x1)
Redhaven Peach (x1)
Hardy Giant Pecan (x1)
Stark Surecrop Pecan (x1)
Hardy Illinois Pecan (x3) - 2013
Fingerlakes Filbert Hazelnut (x1)
Chinese Chestnut (x2)
Carpathian English Walnut (x2)
Hall's Hardy Almond (x2) - 2013
Arapaho Thornless Blackberry (x6)
Natchez Thornless Blackberry (x6)
Bristol Black Raspberry (x6)
Allen Black Raspberry (x6)
Latham Red Raspberry (x6)
Heritage Red Raspberry (x6)
Pink Champagne Currant (x1)
Red Lake Currant (x1)
Black Consort Currant (x1)
Anna Hardy Kiwi (x2)
Issai Hardy Kiwi (x1)
Hardy Kiwi Pollinator (x1)
Native Persimmon - Male (x1)

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