Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland

After five days of hard freeze, the snow began this morning. The meteorologists forecasted 3-5 inches, but we got a dusting of Tennessee powder instead. Here are a few snapshots of the change in scene:

Ice Skating at the Pond

"Walden, being usually bare of snow, or with only shallow and interrupted drifts on it, was my yard, where I could walk freely when the snow was nearly two feet deep on a level elsewhere and the villagers were confined to their streets. There, far from the village street, and except at very long intervals, from the jingle of sleigh bells, I slid and skated, as in a vast moose-yard well trodden, overhung by oak woods and solemn pines bent down with snow or bristling with icicles."

--Henry David Thoreau, from "Winter Animals"

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