Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2010 Ecotone Index

Total number of eggs laid by Ecotone hens in 2010:  26,906
Total amount spent on hens:  $8,732.52
Total income generated by their eggs:  $7,354.57
Number of Red Wattle piglets born at Ecotone:  29
Estimated number of households that eat Ecotone eggs regularly:  115
Pounds of grain eaten by hens in 2010: 21,436.90
Feed costs alone per dozen eggs in 2010: $2.26
Pounds of grain eaten by pigs in 2010:  13,200
Number of piglets sold as breeding stock, i.e., are still alive:  12
Estimated number of pounds of pork from the rest: 3,400
Average annual ratio of grain to eggs:  .80:1
Infrastructure costs for laying hens in 2009:  $3,309.18
Infrastructure costs for laying hens in 2010: $668.18
Total infrastructure costs for Ecotone laying hens:  $4,050.36
Infrastructure costs amortized over 5 years: $0.54 cents/dozen
Cost of each new egg carton:  $0.33 cents
Total costs to date to begin Ecotone:  $49,606.54
The above figure minus truck and tractor to date:  $38,434.22
Total income generated by Ecotone to date:  $11,172.30
Estimated number of trees planted since moving to Ecotone:  165
Total infrastructure costs for the Ecotone pigs:  $985.90
Gross income from pigs in 2010:  $1,650
Total costs of grain for pigs in 2010:  $3,622
Total pounds of grain eaten by the animals of Ecotone in 2010:  34,636
Total costs since 2009 of Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs:  $2,216
Total cost of fuel for 2010:  $1,108
Total amount paid in sales tax in 2010:  $289
Number of miles driven to acquire feedstuffs:  1,650
Estimated number of hours C.J. spent collecting and washing eggs:  438
At 10 cents an hour, C.J.'s annual hourly wage for such work:  $43.80
At $5 an hour, C.J.'s hourly wage:  $2,190
At $20 an hour, C.J.'s hourly wage: $8,760
With infrastructure, feed, fuel, and labor at $5/hr, the true cost of a dozen Ecotone eggs in 2010:  $4.27
Per dozen, the amount subsidized by C.J. for eggs in 2010:  $0.62
Total amount spent on fencing since 2009:  $2,697.13
Cost of Jasper's Orchard: $1,644
Number of edible plants in Jasper's Orchard: 102
Estimated number of years these plants will bear fruit: 50
Total amount since 2009 spent on tools:  $2,531.09
Total spent on the mixer-grinder in 2010:  $1,101.83
Total amount since 2009 spent on the garden:  $353.85
Average cost per day of the Ecotone layers in 2010:  $13.41
Average cost per day to feed the Ecotone pigs:  $6.63
Estimated number of hours C.J. spent working with pigs in 2010:  219  
Total amount in 2010 spent on pasture seed:  $214.40
Number of Farm Members who joined in 2010: 4
Number of years typically needed to begin turning a profit in farming: 5

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  1. I'm both saddened and laughing my butt off... and, of course, in the same boat.