Sunday, March 6, 2011

Egg Count 2

The Egg Count for February was 448.39 dozen, or 5,380.68 eggs.  In exchange, the hens ate 2,510 pounds of grain for the month.  If you can't "cipher in yer head," that's an average of 16.01 dozen eggs per day for 89.64 pounds of feed.
In terms of grain, then, in February each dozen eggs from Ecotone took an average of  5.60 pounds of grain, or .47 pounds per egg.  Due to the cold, relatively hard winter we've had in middle Tennessee, feed consumption per hen was up to .30 pounds per day, or 9.30 pounds per month.  This figure should go down rapidly as more forages and insects become available in the pasture as spring approaches.   

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